Aap aaye hamare ahobhagya hain.
Aap aaye hamare ahobhagya hain.

We are very fortunate that You have come on this earth.

  1. Jaise suraj se utri hui ho kiran,
    jaise chanda ki dheemi dheemi agan.
    Jaise varsha ke baadal barasne lage.
    Aap aaye . . .
    As if a sunray has descended,
    as if there is a soft warmth of the moon,
    as if clouds are showering.
  2. Aap kya mil gaye ye jahan mil gaya.
    Ye zamin mil gayi, aasman mil gaya.
    Mil gaya saari khushiyon kaa saara sansaar.
    Aap aaye . . .
    With you we have got the whole universe,
    this earth and the sky and the joys of all the worlds