Rainbow Ragas for Osho CD samples

CD Rainbow Ragas for Osho

1. Raga Bahar: Spring (All Times):

2. Raga Jogia: Sannyas (5-10 AM):

3. Raga Jaijaiwanti: Goddess Durga (7-11 PM):

4. Raga Deepak: Light (4-7 PM):

5. Raga Jansammohini: Goddess Lakshmi (9 PM – 1 AM):

6. Raga Pilu: Love, Krishna (2-6 PM):

7. Rasrang: Essences and Colour (7-12 PM):

Description: “Raga Time”: Rainbow Ragas for Osho

Contains seven Ragas played in the Indian Classical Music style. The music is without percussion, relaxing and meditative. It is played on the Sitar; the beautiful instrument born out of Veena.

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