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Sitar: A sitar is a plucked string instrument common to Classical Indian music, particularly in the Hindustani (northern Indian) classical traditions.

Dilruba: An old Sufi Instrument; blend of Sitar & Sarangi- played with a bow.

Tabla: refers to a drum set used in devotional kirtan. A skilled tabla player learns a variety of taal or rhythmic beats, which may be simple, or extremely intricate, and require hours of practice to master. The tabla rhythm accompanies the harmonium (vaja) and dilruba.

Tambura: A four-stringed Instrument used for accompanying vocal & Instrumental Music; ideal for Meditation and sessions. Also small 5 string Tamburi.

Taan Mandal: a new, unique instrument combining Tambura and Surmandal (Harp), portable.

Santoor: Old Kashmir folk instrument played with sticks on 100 strings. Reminds you of waterfalls and rivers.

Bamboo Flutes (bansuri) available in all keys.

Electronic Tuners, Tabla and Tambura machines, small & portable.

Sarod: Indian Classical Instrument played with a plectrum. Has been modelled on Rabab- traditional Afghan instrument.

Surmandal: Indian Harp,small and portable with 7 octaves. It is very meditative; ideal for singing or accompanying instruments.