About Swami Dhyan Pradeep

Swami Dhyan Pradeep being initiated into Sanyas by Osho

Swami Dhyan Pradeep being initiated into Sanyas by Osho

Pradeep started SURSANGAM School of Indian Music in Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas and the bank of Holy Ganga. The school has been moved to Germany since 2009.

The School has already attracted students from the U.S., Japan, Europe and Israel learning Sitar, Tabla, Dilruba, Raga (Classical music) and Bhajan – Kirtan singing with Harmonium and Tanpura.

Meditation, Music and Yoga all work on the 7 Chakras in the body; meditation and music work in a subtle way and Yoga is more direct.

With Raga Singing and Mantra chanting the energy moves in all Chakras activating and healing them. This brings harmony and peace. We shall work on OM chanting in different ways which brings energy to the third eye. Om is a very powerful sound but it should be used in a correct way and not haphazardly which can do harm.

Playing Sitar and singing with the tanpura also helps in creating a meditative space.

Individual Music classes offered in
Sitar, Tabla, Dholak, Dilruba,
Bansuri, Harmonium, Tanpura,
Raga and Mantra singing!

You can contact me via my contact page to make an appointment!

Swami Dhyan Pradeep took Sannyas from OSHO in Poona, India, in March 1981 and has been closely connected with OSHO COMMUNE since then.

When OSHO came back to Poona in 1987 after his world tour, Pradeep also moved to Poona taking long leave of absence from his job, which he finally gave up in order to be entirely in the COMMUNE and devote himself totally to music and meditation.

He was leading Raga Singing and Sitar classes for over 10 years in the then OSHO School of Creative Arts and conducted Indian Music workshops. He also played SITAR regularly in OSHO White Robe Brotherhood and OSHO SAMADHI. He conducted Chakra sounds meditation in the Buddha Hall for many years.

Dhyan Pradeep has recorded a new album “SATSANG MOON” with 3 meditative Ragas, played only on Sitar and Dilruba, without Tabla. Satsang means to be in the presence of an enlightened Master. The meditative ambience of Rishikesh, Ganga and the mountains have inspired this album which is dedicated to his Master OSHO whose Satsang has led him into meditative spaces which have poured into his music.

He is currently working on a new album “THE EMPTY SKY”. This will contain 4 unique Ragas for meditation and relaxation. This will also be without Tabla. The music will be played according to the Indian Classical Music tradition of Alaap and Jor.

Pradeep is in the lineage of a sufi saint Veena player Ustad Bande Ali Khan who was the Guru of his teacher’s (renowned Sitar Maestro Ustad Usman Khan) Grandfather. He belongs to the Dharwar Gharana in South India, which is at present represented by the renowned Sitar Maestro Ustad Usman Khan of Poona.

So the process of creativity goes on, like the flow of Ganga, sometimes smooth sometimes full of rocky obstacles, but are they really obstacles? Perhaps challenges or devices for creating in one-self trust in existence.

Pradeep started, in 2012, a new experiment in fusion music, combining Indian Music with Jazz. The concerts happened on 12.04.2012 and 14.02.2013 and again in May 2014 in Ludwigshafen, Germany with a famous Jazz group in the Cultural Centre “Das Haus”, Ludwigshafen.

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